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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the cards look like?

In short the cards are like most normal cards you can buy from a high street card shop. The main difference is that here you can type the text you want, rather than having to accept the text chosen by the card manufacturer.

Also you can use your own picture, such as your new baby, your kids, last year's summer party or whatever, and thereby create your own totally unique card.

The paper format is A4, scored in the middle for a perfect fold, to create a card in A5 format that easily stands on the mantlepiece. In other words, normal card size.

The paper we use is sourced from carefully managed and renewed forests.

What do they cost?

Please read our General Information page, where all prices are listed.

How can I pay and is it secure?

All our payment transactions are handled by PayPal where you can pay via your own PayPal Account or with most major credit and debit cards. They take your security very seriously and their payment pages use the most advanced security encryption techniques currently available.

All queries relating to card transactions should be addressed directly to PayPal or your credit card issuing bank.

We do not receive or retain any information relating to your credit/debit card or credit status.

How will I know if you have sent the card?

Immediately after printing the card an email is automatically sent to you confirming that the printing is complete and that the card will be posted shortly thereafter.

If you haven't received such an email a day after the card should have been sent please contact us to let us know.
Contact us

What happens if the card is late or doesn't arrive?

Please read our Terms & Conditions page and General Information, where this issue is explained.

How do I upload my own picture or image?

Click here to start using your own image and follow the instructions on the screen. You do not need to register to upload an image.

Can I send a card anonymously?

When designing the card at the delivery options page, you can leave the designer name blank and your name will not appear at the back of the card.

If you share your email account with the card recipient you will have to watch out for our confirmation emails and delete them as appropriate. You can of course specify a fake email address when completing the order. If you do this, though, you will not receive any confirmation emails, and the only way to keep track of the order is to keep the order confirmation page open or save the link to it.

Can I send virtual cards?

We are sorry, but no, you can't. Due to numerous scams and fake virtual cards being sent in our name we have suspended our virtual card service, and for the same reason we have no plans to re-introduce the service.

If ever you receive a virtual card pretending to be from it has NOT come from here. Please delete it straight away, as it is likely to contain a virus. >>> DO NOT OPEN IT <<<