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General Information

Dispatch Information

When you order a card you are given the option to enter a dispatch date. Please note that this is the date we put the card in the post and NOT the date it should arrive.

All cards are sent 1st class via The Royal Mail. Once posted the letters are outside our control and it is not possible for us to guarantee that they will always arrive on time. Please keep this in mind when you estimate the delivery date and place your order in good time. The following table for your guidance only:

United Kingdom Next day (Mon-Sat)
Europe 3 to 4 working days
Rest of the world 7 to 10 working days

We cannot track any posted letters, as no such service is offered by the Royal Mail.

Dispatch as soon as possible

The dispatch date automatically defaults to the current date, which means that the card will be printed and posted as soon as possible after the order is placed.

On working days we endeavour to include each card in the same days post (where possible) or the following working day at the latest.

Our normal working days are Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00 GMT.

Dispatch on a future date

You can also specify a future dispatch date (within a year), and we will defer the printing and posting to that date, or the first working day thereafter.

Late or missing mail

We endeavour to produce and dispatch all cards within one working day of the order date or dispatch date entered. Once dispatched (posted), the card is in the hands of the Royal Mail and we have no further influence on what happens to it.

We send all cards by 1st. class post and delivery times can be expected in accordance with the Royal Mail guidelines as indicated above, but they also state that a letter is not officially deemed missing until 15 days have passed from it’s expected delivery date.

We will though better that by offering to re-print and post the card again if it hasn't turned up seven days after it's expected delivery date. Please be aware though, that if the second card also goes missing, it is likely that there is something wrong with the address and we will not send a third one or indeed offer a refund. You must therefore be sure that the recipient's name and full address is correctly entered before you place the order

If your card is incorrectly or incompletely addressed, it is likely to be delayed in the post, or indeed never arrive. We have no means of assuring that the address is correct and complete, and cannot be expected to take any responsibility whatsoever for the timely delivery of cards where this is not the case. If asked to re-send a card, as pledged above, we need assurances from you that the recipient's name and address is indeed correct and complete. If we are not convinced that this is the case, we will not re-send the card or offer a refund.

Pricing Information

All cards are charged at £3.00 as the basic charge, which includes a standard white envelope. Postage is charged in addition.

Additional charges are added as per following table:

UK posting + £0.64
Europe posting + £2.20
Rest of the world posting + £3.50
Coloured Envelope + £0.25
Mail to me + £0.30

All prices are quoted in Pound Sterling. The currency can be changed on the shopping-basket page to Euros or US Dollars. Exchange rates used are updated regularly.