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Make a card using one of your own pictures

If you cannot find the card you want from the existing categories, you can always make a totally unique card by using one of your own pictures.
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Browse: Click Browse... to find the file you wish to use and click OK (once only) to start the upload process. It may take a few minutes depending largely on the speed of your internet connection.

When the upload is complete you are automatically returned to the card design screen.
Picture Size: Please note that the size of the picture is important to the quality of the printed card. The space available on the card is 12 x 12 cm and the uploaded picture will be zoomed to fill this area.

This means that it will retain it's proportions (height and width) when printed.

If the picture is too small it will appear very grainy when printed, whereas it is usually OK if the picture is too large.
File Size: Please check the file size BEFORE starting the upload. If the file size is greater than 2MB it will be rejected.
File types: Only image files with the file extension ".GIF", ".JPG" or ".JPEG" will be accepted. All other file types will be rejected.
Important: Please adhere to our Terms & Conditions in respect of uploaded material.